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Umanlife is dedicated to the improvement of your wellness.
We aim at influencing healthy behaviors through innovation and disruptive user experience.
Health is not only about collecting data : it is about tailoring the relevant personal follow-up.
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  • Your DATA is Secure

    All personal data is stored in absolute confidentiality and safety. Umanlife platform is hosted with a Certified Host of Health Data certified by the Ministry of Health.
  • Your personal wellness coach

    Based on a unique intelligence program, Umanlife can deliver perfect advice for wellness to its users.
  • Sync all your connected devices

    Umanlife enjoys a special partnership with the most visible connected objects devices, giving users the ability to collect personal data easily.
  • Together we are stronger

    Unlike most existing apps, Umanlife allows you to involve your friends in your path towards wellness: share your experience and benefit from peer support
  • The right advice at the right time

    Could it be Yoga, Tai-Chi or Sophrology, we have worked hard with practitioners in order to build a fabulous wellness experience tailored to your needs.

Manage your life

Uncover features that are most useful to you.
  • Wellness Advice

    Receive everyday some tips based on your activity to get a perfect feeling of wellness.
  • Quantified self

    Taking care of yourself and of the ones you love, that is key to happiness.
  • Addiction Follow Up

    Everyone can go extreme with some addictions. We can help you keep them monitored.
  • Health record

    Keep your track record, enjoy your digital healthbook and benefit from a dedicated cloud storage for all kinds of documents.
  • Internet of Things

    Don't be afraid of your connected scale : we help you keep your weight under control.
  • Training Session

    Stay fit and in good shape thanks to personnalized programs.

How it works

The new path to wellness : designed for you, simple and efficient.
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  • Now we all quantify-ourselves, Umanlife is the first website that quantify our life.
    Le Parisien
  • Umanlife the health and wellness coach for the whole family.
    20 minutes
  • It's fun and it delivers lots of useful advice.
    Le Parisien
  • Umanlife, the everyday pal to get your act together, it's a coach.
  • Umanlife : be your own Tamagotchi.
    France Info
  • An interesting approach to reinforce the Doctor-to-patient relationship.